Our tradition is a guarantee of success

We repay our clients 91% of all debts from Slovenia and the EU and 77% from the former Yugoslavia area. The company’s vision is solid; we strive to stay among the best!

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Receivables management


The employees of the company have been performing the activity of recovery, mediation, business consulting and determining the actual business credit rating for almost three decades. Our operations are carried out consistently at the level of high mutual trust, protection of business data confidentiality and correct cooperation with business partners. This way of working enables transparency and maximum up-to-datedness at a given moment where it is most important – in the field, where we are constantly supported and coordinated by our back-office.

References and vision

A high level of professionalism allows us to solve even the most difficult cases – situations that other companies avoid or simply do not have enough experience for. Our company is active in the whole area of Slovenia and in some cases abroad. Our partners are present in various industries.

Our tradition is a guarantee of success by visiting clients in the field.

Development and information support

We constantly invest in education and development. We have developed our own information system based on the consistent and real-time operation of all internal operational processes. The so-called operational triangle between management, operatives and back-office support, backed by the most advanced information services, only further helps us to always be on top of the current situation; anywhere and anytime.

Personal approach

No customer is the same and no problem can have the same approach, which we are well aware of in our business. We implement a very thorough and individual approach. We believe in the power of feedback, so cooperation with clients is crucial in the realization of the business.

Complete solutions

We offer comprehensive above-standard services, where we focus and adapt to your specifics. Our working principle is the proactivity of all business processes, which allows us to think outside-of-the-box. With such an approach, we successfully solve even the most difficult cases.

Let us handle your debtors, direct your creativity elsewhere!

Building your trust for almost three decades